Update! Smart Payment 2.3 - Awakening and Active Development

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Hello, dear users of the Smart Payment service!
We have not updated our service for a long time. This was due to a small change in priorities and the active development of other projects.
Now we have again returned focus on the development of the service and are planning to improve it greatly in the near future.
Now we are planning regular updates once a month. That is, every month of the 1st day we will have updates. Follow the news.
And now we want to present the updates that we have implemented this month:

Enhance integration with AmoCRM

We have added a global setting where you can configure statuses for all products at once. Now you do not need to make a change for all products one by one.

There is an important note in this setting.
If you go to a specific product separately and configure it, the global settings for it will stop working, and those that you configure for it individually will work:

Massdelivery, Estismail and GetResponse360

Added integration with 3 new mailing services.
You can find them in the integration section.

If you have any problems with the integration of these systems, be sure to follow the link as shown at the end and study the instructions.

Deleting a subscriber upon purchase

Now you can segment the base more professionally and delete the buyer immediately from several mailings after purchasing the product.

This will give you more flexibility in working with subscribers.
In addition, other minor bugs were fixed and system performance improved.
If you are an active user of our system and want us to add some new functional, just write us about it in this form.
Perhaps we will implement your request in the next release.
See you!

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